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Using Evernote to Take the Pain Out of Tax Time

This is a guest post from Chris Remus who will be a guest on our upcoming Hangout on Air, Taming your Taxes. Over the past few years, Chris developed Tax Pain Relief to make the tax information collection process a lot easier and better for himself and is now excited to share that relief with others.

Evernote is the foundation of a system that helps me make tax time less painful and can help you do the same. After years of making tax time more painful on myself that it needed to be, I finally had enough of my old approach and started to think about how Evernote could make the entire tax filing process less painful. Because Evernote is such a great tool to collect, store and organize information, I figured it could be used to streamline the tax filing process.

One of the most time consuming activities of the tax filing process is collecting all the required information. This information comes to us from multiple sources, in many different formats, and at various times throughout the year. Making sure we have all the information we need, when we need it, helps us file on-time and avoid costly late fees and errors.

I’ve found that there are three steps to using Evernote to make tax time less painful, by making the information collection process easier and better –

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