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How to Alleviate Tax Pain – Part 1

You may experience one tax season at the beginning of each year (like now!), multiple tax seasons throughout the year, or the entire year could be one long tax season, like it is for many entrepreneurs and business owners. Regardless of your specific situation, each time you enter into a tax season, you probably experience some associated pain, in the form of stress, tension, and maybe even anxiety.

“…income tax season is the most dreaded time of the year for the average working adult. Headaches, heart palpitations, and anxiety plague many people as they worry about their tax returns…The American Psychological Association states money is the top source of stress among adults; and for the majority of people, money stress is triggered by filing taxes.”

– Jeff Brown at Psychology Today

“…recent Stress in America survey found that money is a top source of stress for adults. Sixty-nine percent of people attribute their stress to money and 65 percent report that work is a cause of stress, interrelated issues that are emphasized for many during the tax-filing process.”

– The American Psychological Association

The good news is that it’s possible to alleviate tax season pain, if we’re aware of its source and put a plan in place to alleviate it. Continue reading on the FileThis blog…

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