My Tax Pain Relief Story

My name is Chris Remus. My wife and I were leaving to the airport in two hours for a long overdue vacation. It was also about a week before taxes were due and I wasn’t even close to being prepared to file them.

As usual, I had procrastinated and hadn’t even sent my accountant the information he needed to process my extensions. I was feeling angry, depressed, stressed and anxious as I told myself, “FANTASTIC, here’s another vacation where I’ll be spent hunched over my laptop, trying to make important financial decisions, poorly informed and at the last minute, instead of spending quality time relaxing with my wife.”

OH WAIT! I developed that new tax system this year, to help me be better prepared at tax time. Let’s see if it works… Guess what? It WORKED and worked REALLY, REALLY, well.

In less than 30 minutes, all my tax information was submitted to my accountant in a neat digital package. Shortly after that, I was in the car on the way to the airport with my wife, feeling relaxed and ready to enjoy our time together on the beach.

This is when I realized the power of Tax Pain Relief and became motivated to share the relief I was feeling with as many people as possible, including you!


This is not an offer of tax advice and I am not a tax professional.  I just hope to ease your pain at tax time by showing you one way it is possible to collect the information someone else tells you that you need to collect to file your taxes!